Lateisha’s (Ms. Kopatz’s Class) Anthem for this school year is “We Can’t Stop” by Miley Cyrus


OPINION: Miley Cyrus’s 2013 VMA Performance


Something I didn’t like about Miley Cyrus is that she has changed since her days on Disney Channel. She wears clothes that don’t fit her & showing clevege. Her dancing is inappropriate and she has changed physically and mentally. Now, kids are looking up to her from her music down to her acting. I think she is a bad influence and shouldn’t be allowed to act anymore. Her vma performance was ok, but hey who can judge her? (no one)!!! -Dimitra (Ms. White’s Class)

I really loved the VMA’s but Miley Cyrus’s performance was okay, but the song she did was nice, but when she did hte double performance, it was terrible. The part I didnt’ like weas when she took off her clothes and started thrusting everywhere, even on Robin Thicke. I feel like as a female, she shouldn’t disrespect herself.

She was very perverted and was twerking everywhere. I feel a person with her body shouldn’t be dancing everywhere. But other than that, the VMA’s were wavey. -Lateisha (Ms. White’s Class)


Lady Gaga’s “Applause” GMA Performance

“I think it was great no bad things in it and I love how she change her clothes so fast and the music. Also I was shocked how she changed the show from the original Wizard of Oz to her own style and how the Tin Man had on gloves from a horror movie and other charters had odd and different clothing than normal. One character had a island hair style that looks funny and cool at the same time. Lastly, the whole show was really good and unique all at once.” -Jamie (Ms. Dickerson’s Class)

“My response to this video is very creative. I like the costume changing throughout the performance and kept the rhythm going. I also like how everyone was wearing the flower in their head to make the surrounding even more realistic. The last thing I like from this performance is in the beginning they was walking through there was into the stage while performing. I would like this performance to be in the blog.” -Luis (Ms. Dickerson’s Class)

“Lady Gaga’s performance on GMA was entertaining. Her performance mixed with the oz cosplay was well planed out. I like how she changed costumes over time of the song. It was a nice performance.” -Cesar (Ms. Dickerson’s Class)

10 Most Annoying Concert Behaviors

We read a Rolling Stones article entitled “10 Most Annoying Concert Behaviors” and we had a few things to say:

“My response to this article is everything in this article is very true. I almost experience everything that was in that article. The article itself was funny because the words in the passages is what we would use in real life. That’s how I fell about this article.” -Luis (Ms. Dickerson’s Class)

“I would like to talk about how people film a concert or any event on their iphone and it doesn’t make any sense. First of all, you buy your tickets for a concert and except to have a good time. You take a seat and the show begins. Then you see some person take out his iphone and start recording the ENTIRE thing. Like what the heck.” -Cesar (Ms. Dickerson’s Class)

“Number 9:Filming the entire show on Phone
I understand this comment about recording the whole show on phone because some phones have really bad quality and they get in your face for the hole show. One problem is that the guy is too harsh some want to remember this show forever and want to remember that night as a fun or most amazing night of their life. Also some people mite sneak in instead of paying so they want to remember this instead of being grounded at home with nothing to do.” -Jamie (Ms. Dickerson’s Class)

It really bothers me when I am at a movie and people are yelling during the movie that really is disrespectful because I paid for this movie ticket not to hear people yell about how they feel about the movie. If that is the reason for you to come and see this move to scream the wait into the bootleg copy comes out and you can be home yelling at your 12’ screen television that is how I feel about people yelling in the movies.” -Damion (Ms. Dickerson’s Class)

Welcome Back!

Welcome to the Biondi School Music Blog! Here, students from the Biondi Middle and High School can share their thoughts, photos, and recommendations regarding the music world.

Our first assignment was to instagram our theme song for this new school year and hastag #biondimusic


My theme song for the school is “Over and Over” by Three Days Grace -Cesar (Ms. Dickerson’s Class)