Lady Gaga’s “Applause” GMA Performance

“I think it was great no bad things in it and I love how she change her clothes so fast and the music. Also I was shocked how she changed the show from the original Wizard of Oz to her own style and how the Tin Man had on gloves from a horror movie and other charters had odd and different clothing than normal. One character had a island hair style that looks funny and cool at the same time. Lastly, the whole show was really good and unique all at once.” -Jamie (Ms. Dickerson’s Class)

“My response to this video is very creative. I like the costume changing throughout the performance and kept the rhythm going. I also like how everyone was wearing the flower in their head to make the surrounding even more realistic. The last thing I like from this performance is in the beginning they was walking through there was into the stage while performing. I would like this performance to be in the blog.” -Luis (Ms. Dickerson’s Class)

“Lady Gaga’s performance on GMA was entertaining. Her performance mixed with the oz cosplay was well planed out. I like how she changed costumes over time of the song. It was a nice performance.” -Cesar (Ms. Dickerson’s Class)


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