OPINION: Miley Cyrus’s 2013 VMA Performance


Something I didn’t like about Miley Cyrus is that she has changed since her days on Disney Channel. She wears clothes that don’t fit her & showing clevege. Her dancing is inappropriate and she has changed physically and mentally. Now, kids are looking up to her from her music down to her acting. I think she is a bad influence and shouldn’t be allowed to act anymore. Her vma performance was ok, but hey who can judge her? (no one)!!! -Dimitra (Ms. White’s Class)

I really loved the VMA’s but Miley Cyrus’s performance was okay, but the song she did was nice, but when she did hte double performance, it was terrible. The part I didnt’ like weas when she took off her clothes and started thrusting everywhere, even on Robin Thicke. I feel like as a female, she shouldn’t disrespect herself.

She was very perverted and was twerking everywhere. I feel a person with her body shouldn’t be dancing everywhere. But other than that, the VMA’s were wavey. -Lateisha (Ms. White’s Class)


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