Killswitch Engage: My Top 3 songs….

The first song that I like from Killswitch Engage is “Hell In Me” because it basically exposes what you feel inside and releases everything that is inside. This song is very loud and it has a lot of screaming which feels like you’re releasing everything that is inside of you. There are a lot of songs that he made that is just like this particular one, and has the same feeling.

The second song that Killswitch Engage made that I like is “This Fire Burns.” This song is similar to “Hell In Me,” but with a twist. This song is about the passion that is inside of you and it’s getting stronger by the second and is ready to release. During this song it gets louder and more tense because the passion is about to release from within you.

The last song that I like from Killswitch Engage is “A Tribute To The Fallen.” The reason why I like this song is because everyone that fought for justice and freedom from the past, present, and future is being presented in this song. This song is touching because of the beat, the heart racing, and the quickness of this song is just like the quickness of those who have fallen.

-Elite (Grade 10)


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