Fans say that Ariana’s voice in the song “The Way” sounds like the voice of Mariah Carey. Ariana is her own person and she does not need to be compared to any body else.

She said,“I think that’s a ridiculous goal. I want to do well in my life; it’s not about comparing myself to other people’s success. I want to celebrate what I’m doing because I think that’s special.”

I agree with Ariana Grande’s comment because she is expressing confidence in her own personal achievement. In many ways she is telling artists to be who you want to be. Ariana’s thoughts inspire me because she makes me feel confident and makes me want to follow my own goals.

-Tamara (Grade 11)



Hola mis amigos! It’s Slim and The Dominican Speedy with a new member of our group and they call him Woody Will. We are here to talk about our favorite old school rappers. Our favorite old school rapper is the Notorious B.I.G. Woody and I (Slim) like Biggie because he inspired so many rappers.

Woody: My favorite song by Biggie is “Juicy”.

Slim: My favorite song from Biggie is called “Suicidal Thoughts”.

Speedy: My favorite old school rapper is Tupac Shakur. I like him because he sends messages about life and racism to blacks. My favorite song by Tupac is “Changes”.

-Slim and Dominican Speedy (Grade 10)