The Kid’s Review: “Happy”


Hey guys! It’s The Kid here (my bro Slim took a day off today) and I’m here to talk about my feel good song. Before I do, this WILL be the last article I will ever write with Slim because we’re leaving the blogging business. Now, my feel good song is a song that recently came out by Pharrell Williams and it’s called “Happy”. Whenever I’m feeling down, I put this song on and I start dancing. This song always gets me in a happy mood, hence the song title. This song is all about being happy and not being sad or disappointed. So that’s my last article guys. The Kid will see you later.

-The Kid (Grade 10)


Radioactive Review by Luis


“Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons

The reason why I like the song “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons is because its talking about chemicals being inhaled into his body. The infection is spreading and is being called an apocalypse. He is going into detail about what the chemical does inside you and your bones. I also like the beats in the song. It reminds me of disaster that is about to happen. This is why I like this song.

-Luis (Grade 10)

Luis’s Favorite Ariana Grande Songs

The songs that I like from Ariana Grande are “Honeymoon Avenue”, “Tattooed Heart”, and “Daydreaming”. Let’s get started with the first song, “Honeymoon Avenue”. This song is about when you get married and then go on a Honeymoon. She’s basically describing how it would turn out to be. This song was her first number one release. The second song is “Tattooed Heart”. This song is another love song that describes a guy tattooing her name in a heart and putting it on his arm. The third song that I like is “Daydreaming”. This song describes that wherever she goes, she is thinking about this particular person, which is called daydreaming. Once again, this is a another love song. She also describes that she can’t take her eyes off of that guy. In my opinion she could be the next Mariah Carey or even Whitney Houston. These are my favorite songs by Ariana Grande

-Luis (Grade 10)

Slim’s Feel Good Song

Hey it’s Slim here! I am by myself today and I want to talk about a song that puts me in a good place when I am bad or upset. That song is “Beautiful People” by Chris Brown. The reason this song puts me in a good place is because it really makes me think that everybody is beautiful in their own way, and it makes me look at inner beauty as much as outside beauty.

-Slim (Grade 10)

Slim and The Kid Year Review

WE’RE BACK!!! It’s 2014 you guys and we’re sorry about our unexpected break but we’re back for a new year. It’s me The Kid along with Slim and we’re going to talk about our favorite songs of 2013. We had some good songs, and we had some bad ones, but we’re here to talk about our favorite songs of last year.

My favorite songs from 2013 are “Tom Ford”, “Rap God”, and “The Monster.” I picked them because they have a good beat. The two artists who made these are Jay-Z and Eminem, and they’re catchy. (Slim) My favorite songs from 2013 are “Rhyme or Reason”, “Rap God”, “Headlights”, and “They Don’t Know”. The first 3 were by Eminem and by Rich Homie Quan. I included “They Don’t Know” because this artist caught my attention this year when he came out. I like these songs because they’re really fun listening to and are very catchy songs. The songs I picked by Eminem were really just great and one particular song “Headlights” showed that he really matured from when he was younger he apologizes to his mom and said sorry for the song “Cleaning Out My Closet”.


-Slim and The Kid (Grade 10)