Luis’s Favorite Ariana Grande Songs

The songs that I like from Ariana Grande are “Honeymoon Avenue”, “Tattooed Heart”, and “Daydreaming”. Let’s get started with the first song, “Honeymoon Avenue”. This song is about when you get married and then go on a Honeymoon. She’s basically describing how it would turn out to be. This song was her first number one release. The second song is “Tattooed Heart”. This song is another love song that describes a guy tattooing her name in a heart and putting it on his arm. The third song that I like is “Daydreaming”. This song describes that wherever she goes, she is thinking about this particular person, which is called daydreaming. Once again, this is a another love song. She also describes that she can’t take her eyes off of that guy. In my opinion she could be the next Mariah Carey or even Whitney Houston. These are my favorite songs by Ariana Grande

-Luis (Grade 10)


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