TeTe’s Review


Have you heard Ciara’s new song called “Body Party?” When I think about this song, it makes me want to go out to a party and have fun and dance all night with my friends. It makes me think about love nad how that one person is always on your mind.

This is an R&B song, and is about seduction. I like this song because the beat changes throughout the song and it’s different from her other music. It makes me want to party all night!

-Tete (Grade 10)


“One More Time” Review


Look who’s back with another review! Crispi! Have you ever heard of Daft Punk? They’re an electronic/ techno group. One of their older songs called “One More Time” is so awesome! Every time I hear it on the radio on the late-night mix I get so happy! It’s one of my favorite songs. “We’re gonna celebrate….. one more time!”. I think the song has its own type of vibe. It’s very lively and give you a good feeling when you listen to it.

-Crispi (Grade 10)

“Waiting for Superman” by Daughtry


“Waiting for Superman” by Daughtry

This song is about a guy who is unappreciated for saving people’s lives. This song has some very inspiring lyrics such as

“She’s talking to angels counting the stars
she’s waiting for superman to pick her up in his arms”.

Those lyrics mean that she’s waiting for a guy to come save her. She believes in him and is waiting for him to come save her.

Daughtry was formed by singer Chris Daughtry. The band is very popular. They have very inspiring lyrics about life events, for example the song “September”. In this song, the band talks about how summer will never be the same heading towards the end of it. It talks about the memories they had leading up to September.

“Of all the things I remember
summer never looked the same
The years go by and time just seems to fly by
but the memories still remain

In the middle of September
We’d still play out in the rain
Nothing to lose but everyting to gain
Reflecting now on how things could’ve been…it was worth it in the end.”

I personally understand the feelings of this band. They make very inspirational music and Daughtry is for people who have memories or feel very secure. Just listen to them. They’ve got soft songs and all their songs are about past memories or life events that affect the generation today.

-ShyGuy (Grade 10)

“Talk Dirty” Review


Hi everyone, Crispi’s back with a new review! Jason Derulo’s “Talk Dirty” Featuring 2 Chainz is topping the charts-Its number 3 on the Billboard Top 100! For Jason Derulo it’s a very different sound-It’s unique! He added a little jazz sound with it with the trumpets. I think 2 Chainz part is a little ‘corny’. I’ve heard better from him. Compared to other songs from Jason Derulo (“Watcha Say”, Marry Me”, “The Other Side”) I think this one pops out!

-Crispi (Grade 10)

“Drunk In Love” Review


Hey, its Crispi again! Have you heard Beyonce’s new song “Drunk In Love”? I’m absolutely *IN LOVE* with that song! Its different because of the way it flows. My favorite part is when she says “Surfboard, surfboard”-She KILLS it on that part! (Jay-Z did his thing on the track too.) Jay-z and Beyonce make songs together that in my opinion, DOMINATE the song charts!!

-Crispi (Grade 10)

“Dark Horse” review by Crispi

katy perry dark horse

Hola everyone! Its Crispi here. Katy Perry is killing it with her new song “Dark Horse” featuring Juicy-J. I think she’s opening up herself to new sounds. In my opinion, she’s more of a pop person, but now she tried something new-she featured a Hip-Hop artist named Juicy-J. Juicy-J’s part in the song was a little boring. Im not a big fan of him, but this song gets me going! It’s lively and it just pops compared to the rest of Katy Perry’s songs. Lets see what else she comes up with. I can’t wait! 

-Crispi (Grade 10)