“Let it Go”

let it go

This song to me is about letting go of anger. In the video there is a girl and that looks like she’s crying and trying to let go of her anger. In the video she goes to a club and it looks like someone is talking to her and she don’t want to talk to him so he pushes the girl and she pushes back. I think it is hard to just let go of anger.

I love this song because it keeps me calm.

-Russell (Grade 10)


Britney Spears’s “Till the World Ends”

britney spears

One of Britney Spears’s older songs is called “Till the World Ends”. This song actually came a year and some change before the world “was going to end.” (It never happened!) Well anyways, it’s a very energetic song and she dances in the video. Her album is called “Femme Fatale”. The remix also features Nicki Minaj and Kesha.

Britney Spears is 32 years old and still killing it. The video was nominated for two categories at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards, and went on to win Best Pop Video. A music video for the “Till the World Ends” was released on April 6, 2011. It shows Britney Spears in an underground dance party set on December 21, 2012.

-Crispi (Grade 10)

“Man in the Mirror” Review by Jose


The song “Man In The Mirror” by Michael Jackson is one of my favorite songs because of what the song is about. The song says that in order to make the world a better place we have to start with the man in the mirror. It shows the world’s dark moments like the racism against African Americans in the 1950s and starving children in poor areas of the world. The music video fits perfectly with what the song is about. In conclusion, I feel the song “Man In The Mirror” is a very inspiring song that has a great point.

-Jose (Grade 7)

G Eli


G Eli
I’m going to write about what music I like to listen to-the music that puts me in my zone whenever I feel like I’m lacking.

I would like to talk about my dawgs G Herbo and Lil Bibby. Even though most people have never heard of them, in my opinion, they’re better than most popular artists. One of the reasons why I like them is because I don’t really like listening to what everybody else listens too. Not many people listen to them, so I feel different. I can also relate to some of their music.

They are rappers from Chiraq (Chicago) and their raps are about what life is like growing up in the streets and how they surive. They rap about things us teens would say or do and there not fufu (fake). I also like the flow in their raps.

If I were to recommend a song by them, it would be “Kill Sh*t” and “Know Somethin.” They hype you up, and make you think about stuff that could happen at anytime such as death, robbery, shooting, etc. They also rap about the swindles/tricks that can happen when you least expect it, and how you have to keep aware of your surroundings.

In my opinion, G Herbo and Lil Bibby are going to prove themselves to the industry soon.

-G Eli (Grade 10)

“Used to Be” review by Russell

mindless behavior

“Used to Be” by Mindless Behavior is the type of song that would make you cry. This song is about the love they had with their girlfriends.

Sometimes in life you lose the one you love so much and still think about the times you had after it’s done. I know this, because it’s happened to me many times, and I still see and think about them. It hurts to see your lover leave.

-Russell (Grade 10)

Jerrell’s Summary of Neyo’s “Do You” music video


Neyo went out with this girl before, but then he realizes that he messed up. The girl Neyo went out with before now has a baby girl with her fiance. Neyo congratulates then tells her, “I wonder do you ever think of me anymore?” Then he sings the song on the pay phone and she listens while she’s on the floor. Neyo goes away and leaves the phone hanging. Then the girl leaves her house to drive to the pay phone, where she sees the phone hanging. She grabs it and holds it against her and she imagines her and Neyo in the payphone glass together the end.

-Jerrell (Grade 10)


Well hello there! Its Crispi! I’m gonna take it back to last year with a review on the 2013 SuperBowl Halftime Show! Beyonce performed last year at the Halftime show. Her performance was highly choreographed. It was a mix of a lot of her famous hits like “Love on Top”, “Halo”, “Baby Boy”, “Single Ladies”, and one of my favorites, “End Of Time”. The stage was two faces and near the end when she performed “Halo”, the two faces went blue and streams of flowing, blue, fabric, came out the sides and made it seem like hair. It was absolutely amazing! When it comes to Beyonce, you never know what she might bring into her performances. Her energy during the performance was high and positive! Not only did Beyonce hit us with a fresh version of “Baby Boy” she did the “Dutty Wine” alongside some smoking hot dancers. It came out of nowhere when she brought Destiny’s Child back with Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams! However, I didn’t like the fact that their microphones were very low and that I couldn’t really hear their voices.

I think this was the best Halftime Show ever!!!

-Crispi (Grade 10)