Well hello there! Its Crispi! I’m gonna take it back to last year with a review on the 2013 SuperBowl Halftime Show! Beyonce performed last year at the Halftime show. Her performance was highly choreographed. It was a mix of a lot of her famous hits like “Love on Top”, “Halo”, “Baby Boy”, “Single Ladies”, and one of my favorites, “End Of Time”. The stage was two faces and near the end when she performed “Halo”, the two faces went blue and streams of flowing, blue, fabric, came out the sides and made it seem like hair. It was absolutely amazing! When it comes to Beyonce, you never know what she might bring into her performances. Her energy during the performance was high and positive! Not only did Beyonce hit us with a fresh version of “Baby Boy” she did the “Dutty Wine” alongside some smoking hot dancers. It came out of nowhere when she brought Destiny’s Child back with Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams! However, I didn’t like the fact that their microphones were very low and that I couldn’t really hear their voices.

I think this was the best Halftime Show ever!!!

-Crispi (Grade 10)


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