Remembering Michael Jackson

rip michael

Unfortunately on June 25th, 2009 Michael Jackson passed away and we are approaching the 5th anniversary of his death. His music was amazing and when I heard the news I shed a couple tears.

MJ was known as the “King of Pop”. His contributions to music, dance, and fashion along with his personal life made him an icon for over four decades. He was the eighth child in the Jackson family. MJ debuted professionally with his brothers In the Jackson 5. The Jackson 5 came out with many hits such as “ABC” (one of my favorites) , and “Want You Back”. He began his solo career in 1971, and he had so many hits such as “Thriller”, “Scream”, and “Billie Jean”! MJ was an amazing dancer, too. MJ popularized a lot of complicated dance techniques, such as the robot and the moonwalk, and he influenced many hip-hop, disco, pop, and r&b artists.

MJ is one of the few artists to be inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame. Many other achievements include multiple Guinness World Records, 13 Grammy Awards, The Grammy Legend Award, The Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, 26 American Music Awards, Artist of the Century, and Artist of the 1980’s.

Not only was MJ an amazing artist he also supported lots of foundations. MJ supported 39 different charities. I like MJ because his songs had a meaning such as “Black or White”. His songs tried to break barriers between social and racial life. R.I.P Michael Jackson!!!!!

-Crispi (Grade 10)


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