I’m writing about one of my all time favorite bands-Greenday. They are an American punk rock band that was formed in 1987. They have made very inspirational songs such as “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” , “21 Guns”, and “American Idiot”. Their music relates to a lot of the things I’ve been through, and their music has helped me through a lot.

One very inspirtational song is “Boulevard of Broken Dreams.” It talks about how no matter what, you’re not alone. The song “21 Guns” is about fallen soldiers-it asks them if they feel good or if they want forgivness for killing anyone during war. Their other great song is “American Idiot,” where they talk about the public media persuading the people through t.v reports and the computer. The song tells people to not get distracted by media and tells you be leader not a follower.

Greenday is a very inspirtational band I would recommend for anyone who listens to rock.

-Shyleek (Grade 10)


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